Twitter Spend Billionaire Money 💵

Clients offering to pay you in "Exposure"?

Discover the actual worth of your "exposure bucks" before you trade your skills for fame and air kisses.

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How Much "Exposure" Do You Need?

Facebook Fame

Swap ____ ad clicks, ____ likes 👍, or ____ impressions 🤳 for your next meal.


Barter ____ ad taps 👆, ____ heartbeats ❣, or ____ impressions for your rent.

Twitter Stardom

Exchange ____ likes/retweets 🐦 or ____ follows for that latte macchiato.

Curious about the math? We use ad costs to translate your sweat into social media metrics. For example, if Facebook charges $0.30 per ad click, we'll tell you how many clicks your blood, sweat, and tears are worth.