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Curated software and ideas to help solopreneurs build their passion projects.

Without large teams and big budgets.


Hi, I am Nav

I write about software and ideas that help solopreneurs build their passion projects frugally. A software developer by profession, I’ve worked in the AI ML team at Ericsson and been featured in leading magazines like Towards Data Science, Analytics Vidhya, Stackify, and The Write Practice.

During my computer science undergrad, I managed my studies alongside freelance writing, blogging, and app development. So, I understand the challenges of balancing multiple things and how hard it is to sift through all the rogue information online to build your thing.

P.S. The cute little astronaut is the AI avatar I created for the nerdy vibe of this blog. You can create your own here.



I started with a specific goal in mind: to help fellow solopreneurs build their side hustles and online businesses without breaking the bank or burning out. I use my own experiences, mistakes, and successes to inform my writing.

On my blog, you’ll find simple and honest software reviews, tips, and tutorials that are tailored to the needs of solopreneurs and side hustlers on a budget. Know more about my vision.