Best ai voice generators reviewed

AI voice generators use neural deep learning to create realistic and natural voices from text. You can adjust emphasis, pitch, age, gender, accent and even add emotions and laughter to bring your scripts to life.

In this article, I’ve ranked and reviewed the best AI voice generators with their audio samples to help you make an informed decision.

And don’t worry, none of these tools sound robotic like Siri or Alexa. You can verify from the outputs.

Let’s get started!

What Are The Best AI Voice Generators?

1. LOVO (Genny)

Image 3

LOVO AI is an AI voice generator tool with a very large collection of voices (over 500). Their AI voice generator is called Genny.

It also includes a fully featured video editor, AI scriptwriter, a huge royalty-free media library, and many more intuitive features outlined below.

LOVO (Genny) Voiceover Samples

I used the PRO plan’s beta voices to generate the below samples.

Sophia offers an enthusiastic and excited voice. Best for YouTube and product ads.

May is a mature voice, with a flair for slow burn scenes.

Chloe voice is suited for audiobooks and serious scenes.

“Cunning” Goblin is suited for voicing horror movie and story characters. You can even add creepy laughter by just typing “haha”.

Key Features

  • 500+ voices, 150 languages, nationalities, and accents.
  • Can change speed, intonation, pronunciation, etc.
  • 3 emotional voices with 20+ emotional tones.
  • Option to add background music, non-verbal interjections, sound effects, stock photos and videos right from Lovo Studio.
  • Genny AI writer to automatically write scripts for YouTube, podcast, audio blog, etc.
Genny ai writer
  • Generate images suitable for your voiceover using AI image generator.
Ai artist
  • In-house developed AI voice engine ensures the voices are unique, realistic, and not found in any other tool.
  • API to create and offer your own software offerings built over Lovo’s engine (requires resell rights).


  • Very easy to use with a clean and clutter free UX.
  • Best female voices out of all AI voice generators tested.
  • Good emotional range with 20 emotions in emotional voices.
  • Global voices with 150 different accents and nationalities.
  • Ability to maintain a custom pronunciation library.
  • Several built-in tools in addition to voice generator save time and money:
    • AI Writer to automatically generate scripts.
    • Video editor and Pixabay integration for stock footage.
    • AI Image generator to add custom visuals.


  • Beta voices (which are the best voices Lovo offers) only available in Pro plan and above.


Lovo pricing

Free: 2-week free trial of Lovo PRO version which includes their best voices (called beta voices).

Basic: USD 19/month (billed annually) with 2 hours of voice generation.

Pro: USD 36/month (billed annually) with 5 hours of voice generation and beta voices.

If you are working on a professional project, I recommend opting for Lovo PRO because the lifelike quality of beta voices makes it worth it.

Pro+: USD 99/month (billed annually) with 20 hours of voice generation. Suitable for heavy users.

Going for annual billing saves you 25%. Consider monthly billing if your project is short-term.

My Take

Lovo is one of the best AI voice generators because of its large library of high-quality voices segmented by gender, use-case, nationality, etc. and a rich set of features like AI scriptwriter and video editing tools.

It is the perfect tool to produce YouTube videos, podcasts, audiobooks, ads, etc. from scriptwriting to voiceover in one place.


Best bang for your buck (up to 6 million words/year, multicharacter, multilingual)

Play. Ht-home is an AI powered text-to-speech generator used and trusted by big companies like Verizon, Samsung, and Hyundai. also has a podcasting tool which integrates directly into popular Podcasting platforms and a SEO friendly audio player which you can embed on WordPress.

It particularly shines in vernacular languages and accents, making it an excellent choice for regional videos and multicharacter films. Play HT is also the only AI voice tool that offers multilingual voice cloning. Voiceover Samples

These samples are in mp3. You can also download voice-overs in .wav format.

Fredrick is a really nice voice for explainers and YouTube mini-documentaries.

Some voices can even laugh (type “haha!”) and their AI changes tonality based on meaning of the text.

AI voices like “Noah” can even whisper.

There are over 832 voices, including 11 ultra-realistic voices like listed above. This means that with you can create screenplays with multiple character voice-overs! 🤯

Each character’s voice can have varying attributes, like:

  • Male/Female
  • Young/Old
  • Slow/fast/neutral tempo
  • Loud/neutral/whispering
  • Adjust speed manually (1x,1.2x,1.5x, 0.8x, etc.)
  • Different speaking styles (narrative, advertising, documentary, etc.)

It also has the best voice cloning (paid add-on) out of all tools tested. Output is high quality, and you can clone your voice in multiple languages.

Key Features

  • 832 AI Voices with 142 languages and accents (including support for multiple vernacular languages)
  • “Ultra Realistic” AI Voices tailor-made to be indistinguishable from humans for specific use cases like audiobooks, e-learning, marketing.
  • Various voice styles like Newscaster, Conversational, Customer Support, and Cheerful.
  • High-quality multilingual voice cloning – available as a separate add-on.
  • Can create audio articles using their SEO-optimized audio widget. Also makes your site accessible to those with reading difficulties.
  • Ability to create your own ‘pronunciation library.’
  • You can distribute the generated voiceovers directly to iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts from dashboard.
  • Support for Indian state languages like Malayalam, Telugu, etc. in addition to Hindi.


  • Accurately pronounces most terminologies and acronyms making it very useful for E-learning.
  • Generous word limits (600,000 words/year in Professional plan, 6 million words/year in Premium)
  • Voices in the ultra-realistic collection sound very close to human voices.
  • Best-in-class voice cloning with multilingual support.
  • Great collection of non-English languages like Hindi.


  • “Ultra-realistic voices” are only included in Premium plan and above.
  • Voice cloning is a separate paid add-on; but the quality is excellent.


Playht pricing

Free: 5000 words for non-commercial use and requiring attribution.

Pro: $29.25 per user/month ($351 billed annually), 600k words/year

Premium: $49.50 per user/month ($594 billed annually), 6 million words/year

Only the premium plan offers ultra-realistic voices, and it’s a bit on the costly side. But, the value for money is high due to the 6 million word voice generation balance.

I suggest grabbing it during special offers like new year deals, which often carry 25%-50% discount.

Going for annual billing saves you 25%. Consider monthly billing if your project is short-term.

My Take is the best AI voice generator overall because it has a large library of voices belonging to different nationalities, provides fast and high-fidelity voice cloning and its pricing is really pocket-friendly with its generous yearly word limits.

If you need AI voice generation at a scale for your product ads, trainings, customer support and more, is your best bet.


Best for presentations, best African American accents

Murf-ai-homepage is a new AI voice generator plus video editing studio that lets you turn any text into natural and realistic speech. You can use it to create voiceovers for videos, podcasts, audiobooks, presentations, and more without switching between multiple platforms. It has a good balance of realistic male and female voices with different English accents. Voiceover Samples

Here’s my favorite voice Terrel suited for motivational videos, serious topics, and life-coaching podcasts:

Brianna is mature calming voice.

Clint is suited for documentaries and serious scenes requiring a deep voice.

Rachel is suited for product demos:

Key Features

  • 120 different voices in 20+ languages and accents.
  • Adjust pitch, speed, inflection, emotional tone, and emphasis.
  • Switch voices by gender, country, and language (even within the same paragraph!)
  • Specify custom pronunciations using International Phonetic Alphabet notation.
  • Voice changer allows you to swap poorly recorded voices with crystal clear AI voices.
  • You can also clone your own voice.
  • Voice Over Video tool: Upload your video and script and Murf will generate a voiceover auto synced to your video.
  • A free audio library and a Google Slides TTS extension.
  • Allows direct imports of videos from 100s of sites like YouTube/Vimeo.


  • Easy-to-use web interface that works smoothly.
  • Multiple emotional tones and styles
    • Mimic joy, anger, sadness, and more.
    • Speak in Storytelling style, newscaster, promo style, etc.
  • Murf’s collection of African American voices are the best among AI voice generators.
  • Good integration with Google Slides.
  • Easily sync voiceover with video.


  • Time-consuming to create multi character dialogues.
  • Sometimes struggles with pronouncing acronyms and inflecting on the end of questions.


Free: Offers 10 minutes of voice generation and 10 minutes of transcription. I liked the fact that it did not require a credit card to sign up for the free plan.

Basic: $19 per user/month ($228 billed annually)

Pro: $26 per user/month ($312 billed annually)

Going for annual billing saves you 33%. Consider monthly billing if your project is short-term.

Educators, Students, and Non-Profits can get special discounts with First, sign up for the free trial with your official email ID and then follow the steps here to put in a request.

Murf voice generation time

The good thing about their voice generation limit is that playing around with different voices for the same generated text does not consume it.

My Take

Murf is one of the best AI voice generators for creators and businesses who want high quality AI voices with a lot of customization options at a reasonable price-point.

It handles accents really well, the interface is easy to use, and the learning curve is small. It integrates well with Google presentations and also easily syncs voiceovers with imported videos.

4. Voicemaker

Best for Small Budget

Voicemaker home

Voicemaker is a versatile text-to-speech converter that gives non-robotic AI voices.

It supports two AI voice engines – standard (on par or better than most other TTS) and neural TTS (even better quality). It is affordable and it works well.


  • Vary pause, speed, volume
  • Feature to say as date, time, fraction, etc (often mispronounced by other TTS)
  • SSML support
  • 2 AI engines – standard and neural
  • Very affordable


  • UI is a bit bare-bones.


Voicemaker pricing

Best For

At only USD 10/mo or USD 50 for a year, the value for money with Voicemaker is simply phenomenal. Besides, the free plan is pretty generous to try all its features.

5. Listnr

Best for Audio Podcasts

Image 4


  • Listnr has a library of over 900 voices in 145+ different languages and dialects.
  • Voices from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Azure. No need to buy separate subscriptions.
  • Add pauses, and change speaking styles and pronunciations. Voices sound natural.
  • Easily embeddable audio player to turn your articles into audio blogs. Simple to integrate with WordPress.
  • to easily create podcasts and audiobooks from start to finish. 
  • The UI is intuitive and beginner friendly.


  • Does not offer uncompressed wav for download
  • Pricing is by words not characters.


Individual plans start from 19 USD per month and offer 20,000 words.

Image 12

Agency prices start from USD 199 per month which is very expensive.

Image 13

Best For

Listnr is a pretty good AI voice generator with a large library of voices and great support. I recommend it to creators primarily focused on voicing Podcasts.

6. Speechify

Best for Listening to Articles


Speechify is a text-to-speech software that increases your productivity by reading your ebooks, PDFs, articles, etc to you in a natural-sounding voice. It also provides impressive voice-over generation capabilities.


Speechify is great for all kinds of reading-aloud tasks you throw at it. It helped me go through more books and get more stuff done. Listening to Speechify does not feel boring and the AI voices sound real enough to keep you hooked.

You can also feed it text to generate voice-overs for your own content (free up to 300 chars) but for large-scale voice generation, you will need to get a custom quote from support.


  • Incredibly lifelike and natural-sounding text-to-speech capabilities.
  • 30+ natural reading voices and 20+ different languages.
  • Can vary the reading speed of AI.
  • Supports multiple apps and platforms (Web, chrome extension, mac, android, iOS, etc)
  • Listen while you read. Speechify also provides tools to highlight and take notes if you need to.
  • Scan any text (printed or on-screen) for listening.
  • Flexible pricing and generous free plan (no limits for TTS, 10 voices) with custom rates for getting a premium plan as a group.
  • With Speechify Audiobooks, you get 1000s of audiobooks narrated by actors! There are nearly 60,000 audiobooks.


  • Primarily targeted for reading with TTS. Need to contact sales for voice-over generator for generating more than 300 characters of your own text and downloading as an mp3.
  • Speechify audiobooks are not part of the premium and have to be purchased separately (or as an add-on in a bundle).



Best For

I recommend it to users who are looking for text-to-speech software to read to them. For voice generation capabilities (TTS to downloadable mp3), you will need to contact their customer support and get a quote.

With speechify, every book can become an audiobook, and every blog post a podcast! Speechify makes listening to anything a joy and its note-taking tools and additional natural voices make the premium worth it. The added convenience of chrome extension and mobile apps is just great.

7. Synthesys

Best for Creating AI Avatars


Key Features

  • AI text to speech with 374 voices in 140 languages.
  • You can also clone your own voice.
  • Different AI avatars that look like real humans and lip sync with audio.
  • You can also create an avatar that looks like you.
  • Customize outfits and backgrounds of the avatars.
  • AI Image creator and AI video generator.


  • Voices sound natural.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Chrome extension for the AI image generator.


  • Can only download up to 120 mins of audio per day.
  • AI face swap does not look like a real person.


Prices start from USD 27 per month (billed yearly).

Image 7

Best For

Camera shy creators or enterprises looking for AI voice generator and AI avatar creator all in one.

8. Voicera

Best for Bloggers


Voicera is a natural-sounding text-to-speech tool to help bloggers create audio articles and blogs.

When it comes to reading on the web, people like to listen > scan > read fully.

Voicera audio articles increase user engagement and help visitors to stay longer on your blog (boosting SEO). It also helps with accessibility for people with vision issues.


Voicera allows bloggers to easily integrate read-aloud features into their blogs enhancing UX, SEO, and inclusiveness.


  • 200+ languages. Varied choices by gender and age.
  • Ability to change voice speed.
  • User-friendly dashboard. Just input the article link, choose a voice, and the audio embed is created in seconds.
  • Easy to embed iframe HTML code.
  • Supports WordPress, Ghost, and any other sites allowing users to insert HTML snippets.
  • Voicing credits don’t expire. Can also be topped up.
  • Useful for improving user engagement metrics.


  • Requires support for HTML code embeds. Thus, it is not available on Medium and Substack.


Voicera starts at USD 29 for 200,000 credits where 1 credit = 1 word. These credits don’t expire with time.


Best For

I recommend Voicera for bloggers, news websites, or any website with long-form content. Company blogs will also greatly benefit from the improved audio SEO and accessibility provided by Voicera’s audio articles.

9. Typecast

Best for Animators (AI Characters + Voice)

Typecast-home provides realistic voice actors (virtual characters + text-to-speech. It is incredibly useful to create any kind of animated video which requires natural voice-overs and synthetic human characters.



  • 300+ realistic voices.
  • Choose a human or animated character.
  • Large selection of characters. Can also vary character background.
  • Easy to use video editor with minimal/no need of post processing.
  • Control pitch, emotion, tempo, etc.
  • Import pdf, epub, excel, and ppt to convert to voice.
  • Helpful templates for educational videos, documentaries, audiobooks, etc. to get you started.


  • The subtitling/transcript feature is slow and buggy.
  • The free version provides only 3 minutes of download time.


The paid plans of Typecast start from USD 7.99 but most serious users will need the Pro plan (for USD 35.99/mo) as it is the one with detailed speech control.


Best For

I suggest Typecast for content creators who need AI characters as well as a text to speech.

10. Woord

Best for Listening to Articles by URL


Woord is an online reader which converts text in web articles, blogs, scanned docs, and images to speech.


  • Supports SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language)
  • Scan photos to convert text to audio (OCR)
  • Scan docs to convert text to audio (OCR)
  • Has a chrome extension
  • Pro plan has no character limit.


  • Robotic voices
  • Bare bones UI.


The Starter plan costs USD 9.99 per month and allows commercial use with a generous limit of 100,000 characters. The pro plan has no limit – unlimited audios and characters per month!


Best For

If you are looking for a simple text-to-speech converter that does the job, provides commercial rights, and is super affordable, woord is the right fit for you.

11. Natural Reader

Best for Students with Learning Disabilities


Natural reader is a free text to speech app that reads articles and documents aloud for you. It is especially useful for students with reading and learning disabilities like dyslexia.

Natural reader is very easy to use and makes life easier with people with reading issues. Besides listening to material can also help students learn things in novel ways (some people learn better through audio).


  • Easy-to-use web app with simple UI
  • Chrome extension
  • Different voices
  • Users can vary the speed of voice
  • Discounts for education


  • Voices sound robotic
  • Needs internet access
  • The pronunciation editor is not very reliable


Natural reader has these pricing plans (paid yearly) for personal use:

Premium Yearly: USD 59.88/year

Plus Yearly: USD 110/year

For commerical voiceover, Natural reader gets quite expensive. If you want to use the mp3 for commercial purposes like podcasts, training videos, etc, the pricing is as follows:

Naturalreader pricing commercial

Best For

The free version of Natural Reader is well worth a try. For commercial uses, I find its pricing plans a bit on the higher side.


Good for voice cloning

Image 5 is an amazing text-to-speech tool that allows you to convert text into speech. It is also a speech-to-speech voice-generation tool.’s competitive advantage is its voice cloning capability, which you can rarely find to work this well in other tools.

You can clone your voice for free with Resemble’s AI Voice Generator and create AI voices that sound real with Resemble’s Real-Time Speech-to-Speech software.

Here’s how it works:


  • You can clone your voice with only 3 minutes of audio.
  • The results of voice cloning sound natural. You can add emotions like happy, sad, angry.
  • Translate your voice into different languages without providing different data.
  • You can also swap/convert your voice to a different target voice.
  • It has a pretty well-documented API for developers.


  • Less number of AI voices (only 50!)
  • The pricing model is by seconds (which is hard to estimate from text script)


The prices start from USD 0.006 per second with 10 custom voices + 50 marketplace voices.

Image 14

Best For

I would suggest that you first try their free trial. Resemble definitely has its appeal and is liked by its customers, but with its per-second pricing and emphasis on voice cloning, it might not be for everyone.


Best for AI-generated raps

Uberduck is a text-to-speech, ai voice generation company mostly targeted at app developers and large business use cases.

Image 15

I really like their AI-generated rap feature. It may sound gimmicky but it is pretty decent. In fact, a company called Yotta used Uberduck to send personalized raps to over 120,000 customers.


  • 5,000+ expressive voices
  • Focus on API and app building
  • Vibrant ML community of users
  • Custom voice clones
  • AI-generated raps
  • Voices that sound like characters from popular movies like Space Odyssey, Avatar, etc.


  • Their interface is not very user-friendly.
  • A large number of voices but most of them are not actually usable.


A limited free mode is available. Paid plans start at USD 96 per year.

Image 16

Best For

Generate some AI raps for yourself!

14. Clipchamp

Best for Offline Use


Key Features

  • Video templates for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc.
  • AI Text to Speech with 170 voices.
  • Screen and camera recorder.
  • Huge stock video library.
  • Text transitions and ability to save branded kits with your logo, font, and color scheme.


  • Free version with all features.
  • User-friendly.
  • Lots of templates for social media content.
  • Offline version comes pre-installed for Windows 11.


  • AI voices are default Microsoft TTS voices which are okay-ish.
  • Limited control over effects.


Fully featured free version with unlimited 1080p exports without watermarks. Paid version at $13/month with custom brand kit and premium effects.

Best For

Individuals looking for a simple, easy to use video editor with voiceover capabilities will find Clipchamp perfect for their needs. The best part is it comes pre-installed with Windows.

Comparison of Best AI Voice Generators

ToolStarting PriceFree OptionBest For
🥇 (Genny)$19/moYesBest overall
🥈$29.25/moYesVoice cloning, value for money
🥉$19/moYesWorking with accents
Voicemaker$50/yearYesBest budget AI voice generator
Speechify$11.58/moYesLearning, Audiobooks
Synthesys$35/moNoCamera shy creators who want AI avatars
Voicera$29 (no expiry)NoAudio blogs
Typecast$7.99/moYesAnimated AI avatars
Woord$9.99/moYesListening to webpages
Natural Reader$49/moYesStudents who have trouble reading$0.006/secNoVoice cloning
Uberduck$96/yearYesAI generated raps
Clipchamp$13/moYesVideo editing with TTS, offline option
All prices are billed yearly unless otherwise stated. Please refer official websites for accurate pricing and offers.

What Is the Best AI Voice Generator?

LOVO is the best AI voice generator as it has a vast library of 500+ voices in 150 languages. The voices sound natural and the interface is easy to use. It also includes in-built video editor, AI script writer, and AI art generator so you don’t have to jump from one software to another. A minor drawback is that the best voices called “beta voices” are only available in PRO plan or above.

ToolStarting PriceFree OptionBest For
🥇 (Genny)$19/moYesBest overall
🥈$19/moYesWorking with accents
🥉$29.25/moYesVoice cloning, value for money
Voicemaker$50/yearYesBest budget AI voice generator
Speechify$11.58/moYesLearning, Audiobooks
Synthesys$35/moNoCamera shy creators who want AI avatars
Voicera$29 (no expiry)NoAudio blogs
Typecast$7.99/moYesAnimated AI avatars
Woord$9.99/moYesListening to webpages
Natural Reader$49/moYesStudents who have trouble reading$0.006/secNoVoice cloning
Uberduck$96/yearYesAI generated raps
Clipchamp$13/moYesVideo editing with TTS, offline option
All prices are billed yearly unless otherwise stated. Please refer official websites for accurate pricing and offers.

But, if you run a large firm or business and your primary requirement is voices with different accents for regional training videos and customer support systems, then is the solution trusted by industry giants like Verizon. is another great choice with a free version that allows you to generate audio without any watermarks. It is also the best AI voice cloner and has support for podcasting. The only drawback is that the free version does not allow commercial usage.

Listnr is a good AI voice generator with podcast support. It also has a large catalog of AI voices.

If you are looking to create presentations in Google Slides that will require AI voiceovers, go for MURF as it has an addon for it. Murf’s collection of African American accents is also better than other AI voice generators. The drawback of MURF is its smaller collection of AI voices but the quality of collection is good.

Among the budget options, Voicemaker is the cheapest AI voice generator as it offers 2.4 million characters per year for only $50. But its voices are not unique and sound closer to Microsoft azure voices.

Finally, if you are looking for a text-to-speech tool for listening to books and articles, you may go for Speechify. Speechify is great for listening to text. However, downloading text-to-speech files as mp3 for commercial usage requires you to message them for a custom offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an AI Voice Generator?

AI voice generators use machine learning and deep learning algorithms to generate human-like speech from text.

There are typically two approaches to generate speech (voice) from text:

  • Traditional TTS Synthesis: AI takes the text and turns it into speech by putting together parts of pre-recorded speech. It decides which parts to use based on the text, tone, and other speech elements.
  • Neural TTS: AI uses deep learning to directly make speech from text. It’s trained on many examples of text and speech to produce more natural-sounding speech. Deep learning models provide more natural and human-sounding voice.

AI voice generators that use neural TTS perform better and give voices that sound closer to humans.

What are use-cases of AI voice generators?

AI voice generators can used to create voiceovers for:

  • Audiobooks
  • YouTube
  • Documentaries
  • Stories
  • Games
  • Animation
  • Podcasts
  • Educational videos
  • Products ads
  • Corporate training videos

AI voice generators offer numerous benefits that can help businesses boost efficiency, save time, and improve customer experience. Here’s how:

  • Virtual Assistants: AI voice generators can be used to create virtual assistants that can handle customer queries, provide product information, and perform various tasks. This can free up valuable time for human employees and allow them to focus on higher-value tasks.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Communicating using voice provides a more personal experience to customers than text. This can improve customer satisfaction and increase the likelihood of repeat business.
  • Accessibility: AI voice generators can be used to provide audio output for visually impaired individuals, making websites and applications more accessible.
  • Cost Savings: AI voice generators can be less expensive than hiring human voice actors, and they can generate speech at scale with consistent quality. Any needed revisions can also be done with ease.
  • Powerful Storytelling: The best AI voice generators listed here make it possible for small creators and hobbyists to voice a large number of characters in their stories and plays. Without these paid and free ai voice generators, such small creators would not be able to bear the costs of hiring and rehiring human voice actors.

Can AI Text-To-Speech videos be monetized on YouTube?

There are several channels on YouTube that use AI TTS and are monetized. YouTube monetization policy explicitly does not forbid AI voice. However, YouTube policy does mention that content like below will not be monetized:

  • “Autogenerated content that computers post without regard for quality or viewer experience.”
  • “Posting the same content repeatedly across one or more channels.”
  • “Content intended to look like someone else is posting it.”
  • “Content that has been technically manipulated or doctored in a way that misleads users.”

Therefore, ensure that you only use AI voices that you have rights to (paid license), do not clone voices of other people without permission, use natural sounding AI voices (so that content does not sound automated) and apart from AI TTS, add unique and original value to your video.

What is the most realistic AI voice generator?

As per my tests and overall reviews on the internet, MURF, LOVO, and have the best collection of realistic AI voices. These tools use advanced machine learning and deep learning to create voices that sound like real human beings.

What is the best AI voice generator for YouTube?

The best AI voice generator for YouTube is It offers 500+ voices and 142+ languages and accents. You can vary emotion, speed, pitch, and emphasis, etc. It includes a video editor, a large stock media library, and an AI script writer.

What is the best free AI voice generator? is the best free AI voice generator as it offers 5000 free words per month for AI voice generation. The free plan includes the ultra-realistic voices but only allows non-commercial usage and requires attribution to

How much AI voice generators cost?

The prices of AI voice generators range from free to as high as $99 per month.,,, and Voicemaker are some affordable AI voice generators with free plans as well as paid plans starting from as low as $19/mo (billed annually).

Is it legal to use AI voices?

It is legal to use AI voices in most cases, especially if you have a paid license for the AI voice or it is a clone of your own voice. The legality of this technology varies depending on how it’s used and specific jurisdiction. For example, in California, it is unlawful to knowingly use another’s voice or likeness without that person’s prior consent. Similarly, cloning voices you don’t have rights to can land you in legal trouble.

Can AI voice generators replace human voiceover artists?

AI voice generators allow you to generate human-sounding speech with a variety of customizations like pitch, speed, emphasis, and even emotion. But they cannot completely replace human voiceover artists. AI generated voices work well for use-cases like audiobooks, customer support, product training videos, etc.

But if you are looking to build a brand or have a project requiring significant emotional range like anime, consider hiring human voiceover artists or cloning your own voice. AI text to speech tools can prove valuable to supplement human voiceovers in multilingual film and media.

Can AI voice generators be used for video editing?

AI voice generators like LOVO and include video editing tools. For example, MURF’s Voice Over Video tools allows you to auto-sync your generated voiceover to your uploaded video. You can also trim, split, and move video clips on the editing timeline according to your voiceover.

Can AI voice generators produce voices in multiple languages and accents?

AI voice generators like LOVO, MURF, and can be used to generate AI voices in different languages, accents, and nationalities. LOVO supports 500 voices in 142 languages, MURF supports 120 voices in 20 languages, and has 907 voices covering almost every nationality and language including Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Spanish, French, etc.

Which is the best AI voice generator for Hindi? is the best AI voice generator for Hindi and other Indian vernacular languages. It has over 907 voices including voices in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, etc.

Which is the best AI voice generator for camera shy people?

Synthesys and Typecast are best AI voice generators for camera shy people as they allow the users to create AI avatars in addition to the AI voiceovers. Users can customize the look and environment of their AI avatars.

What is the best AI voice cloner?

AI voice cloning is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to generate a digital copy of a human voice. As per my tests, is the best AI voice cloner. It can generate a realistic digital copy of your voice from 30 seconds of original audio recording.

What is the best AI celebrity voice cloner?

If you want to imitate a celebrity’s voice, and Celebrity Voice Changer by are your best bet. allows you to clone any voice including voices of celebrities with as little as 30 seconds of audio. Remember to only clone voices you have rights to and never abuse voice cloning.

Wrap Up

So, there you have it. In this article, I have listed the best AI voice generators and text-to-speech software with their key features, pros, and cons.

When deciding on the best AI voice generator for your business, it’s crucial to take into account what you’re trying to achieve with it and which features will best align with your specific requirements.

AI-powered tools can greatly help you improve your workflows and grow your business. Text-to-speech and voice generation is just one such application. AIs can also be used to write stories, create courses, and even help you develop apps.

I hope you found the AI tools in this article useful for your needs. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Avatar of noah grayson Noah Grayson says:

    This was a fantastic overview of all the players in AI text to speech space. Lovo’s “May” voice sounds kinda like seductive, not gonna lie!

  2. Wow, those AI-generated avatars are pretty mind-blowing! If I can get a virtual assistant with my own voice to manage my schedule in the next few years, the future is going to be amazing. But a little scary too if these voices can be manipulated for malicious purposes.

    1. The future arrives whether we build it with wisdom or race recklessly into the unknown. 🙂

  3. Avatar of amit sachdeva Amit Sachdeva says: had really good Hindi voices. I am happy! Thanks for the review.

    1. Avatar photo Lisa Palmer says:

      Glad to hear that, Amit!

  4. Avatar of dan finance Dan Finance says:

    Thanks for the in-depth review, Lisa. Yours was the only review that had actual output samples and screenshots.

    I went with Lovo for my YouTube channel and am pretty satisfied with the first video I created using it.

    Thanks again and keep writing such reviews!

    1. Avatar photo Lisa Palmer says:

      Glad to hear that, Dan. Feel free to share your video here so that we can show it some love!

  5. Avatar of nick jarret Nick Jarret says:

    I want to start a motivational podcast like Mulligan Brothers. I have the scripts ready, but my voice is not very deep and dramatic. Which voice/tool would you recommend?

    1. Hi Nick, as per the article, you could try “Terrell” voice from Murf or Josh from Eleven Labs.

  6. Kinda funny that your #1 tool has a voice by my name… I feel special haha 😀

    1. Avatar photo Lisa Palmer says:

      Aww, that’s nice! Hope you enjoy using it.

  7. Is clipchamp totally offline and free forever? I do not want to use a subscription model.

    1. Avatar photo Lisa Palmer says:

      Yes, Celeste. Clipchamp is completely free (at the time of writing). In fact, it can be used offline, without any subscription, and comes pre-installed in Windows 11!

  8. Do you think these tools will replace human voice actors? I am a freelance voice actor. :/

    1. Avatar photo Lisa Palmer says:

      Your voice matters. AI can’t replicate the heart behind human art. Your craft – at its best – is art, emotion and empathy. So create with passion, keep honing your skills, and know that real relationship will always crave real humanity.

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