Microsoft launched Bing Chat on 7 February 2023 making Bing not just another search engine but a conversational AI that can help you find answers, create content, and have fun.

In this article, I have compiled the most up-to-date Bing Chat statistics with sources along with interesting facts:

You will learn how Bing has grown its user base, improved its features, and amazed waitlist users with its capabilities. I will discuss Bing chat controversies and public reactions to AI.

Key Bing Statistics

Bing Chat Stats Overview
Bing Chat Announce Date7 February 2023
Bing Daily Users100 million daily users, Surpassed 3 billion visits in a month
Bing Market Share2.81% as of Feb 2023 (Google still leads at 93.37%)
Bing Ad Revenue$11.59 Billion in 2022
Bing Chat CodenameSydney
Bing Chat Waitlist Users1 million signups in just 48 hours
Bing App DownloadsJumped to 102,952 from 12,000 on the day of the Bing Chat announcement
Training ModelImproved version of ChatGPT (Prometheus Model)

Bing User Count

  • Microsoft Bing has surpassed 100 million daily active users (Endgadget) after the launch of Bing AI chat.
  • Over 1 million users signed up for the waitlist of Bing Chat within 48 hours of the announcement.
  • Bing Chat has the codename Sydney. [Users have posted Bing responses on Reddit indicating that it may have different personalities, each with a different codename. Perth for Precise and Melbourne for balanced mode. (Source: Reddit, unconfirmed)]
  • Bing chat is now available in Skype as well as Windows 11.

Bing Monthly Visits

  • Bing got 1 billion monthly visits In January 2023. is 30th most visited website all over the world. (Similarweb)
  • After the launch of Bing chat, its monthly user count is estimated to rise to 3 billion per month. (Already getting 100 million visits daily)
  • It is the most popular search engine after Google (excluding Baidu). Even search engines like use results from Bing.
  • Integration of Bing chat in the mobile apps, Skype, and Windows further increases Bing’s user base.

Bing Market Share

  • Bing accounts for 2.81% percent of the global search market. (Feb 2023, Statcounter)
  • 36% of all desktop searches in the US are done through Bing. (Wordstream)
  • The average click-through rate of Bing is 2.83% as compared to Google’s CTR of 1.91%
  • Microsoft Bing is estimated to have generated $11.59 Billion in advertising revenue for 2022. (Statista)
  • For each percent of search market share Microsoft gains, it stands to make an additional $2 billion. (BusinessInsider)
  • currently holds approximately 3% search market share and was already getting 1 billion monthly visits.

Bing Ads Statistics

  • Nearly half of US searches on Bing. 44 million desktop searchers use Bing exclusively and are not on Google. (Source: Microsoft Advertising)
  • 60% of these searchers are aged 25-44.
  • 32% of Bing searchers spend more online than the average internet searcher and 48% are in the top 25% of household incomes.
  • This means Bing users are internet savvy and with cash to spend.
  • Bing also gets 26% more branded searches than Google. A huge upside for small business owners. (Wordstream)
  •  The average cost of CPC on Bing Ads is 70% lower than Google Ads, presenting a significant ROI for limited marketing budgets.
  • Bing Ads also have a higher click-through rate at 2.83% vs Google’s 1.91%. (ThinkOrion)

In How Many Countries Is Bing Available?

  • Bing is available in 105 languages and 238 countries.

Bing App Downloads

  • According to Apptopia (an app stats reporter), after the announcement of Bing Chat, downloads for the bing app peaked at 102,952 on February 9.
  • Previously, they were averaging around 12000 daily.
  • Edge jumped to the #3 spot in App Store.
  • Bing mobile app jumped to the #12 spot in the Apple app store.
  • Microsoft has said Bing Chat will be launched on iOS and Android in the coming weeks.

Bing Chat Abilities

Bing ai capabilities
  • You can ask questions to Bing Chat as if you would ask a real person.
  • It gives complete, direct answers by summarizing sources across the web.
  • It provides citations.
  • It can write poems.
  • It can analyze text in pdf and give you key takeaways and summarized information.

Bing ai discover featureBing Chat discover feature.

  • Draft responses and posts right in Edge.

Zxkaveeqlhnousohxa9 iq8ifgjs9bgozewdbtvedsfulh0rhomsoq4uykgc yjssgdgymncnrm5xz8gpEdge/Bing Chat draft feature

Have a look at the walkthrough of the latest bing features in this official demo by Microsoft:

Bing Chat Architecture

  • Bing Chat is based on a new language model made by Open AI. It is much more powerful than ChatGPT.
  • Microsoft calls this model the “Prometheus” model.
Bing prometheus
  • Like ChatGPT, it has a safety system layer to filter out harmful responses.
Bing architecture
  • Microsoft has also applied AI to improve relevancy in its core search index. So now the user search results will be even more relevant.


  • Like ChatGPT and Bard, Bing Chat can also give inaccurate responses.
  • Users can give feedback on harmful or inappropriate responses.
  • As per the official FAQ, “Bing will sometimes misrepresent the information it finds, and you may see responses that sound convincing but are incomplete, inaccurate, or inappropriate”

Bing Chat Controversies

  • Bing Chat faced some challenges with its conversational abilities, such as giving unhinged or human-like responses, which led Microsoft to reduce the chat limit to 5 chats per session and 50 chats per day.
  • Microsoft later increased its chat limit to 10 chats per session and 120 chats per day due to user demand.

Examples of Bing Chat giving inappropriate responses:

More Interesting Facts About Bing Chat

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